Content worth meowing about for a stylish new pet brand.

Project Overview

After finding great success in China, VETRESKA, a boutique pet product manufacturer, was ready to come stateside. Bright, quirky, and bursting with personality, VETRESKA's products were bound to earn affection from US pet owners. I was part of a team responsible with building a US-facing website for the brand and facilitating a successful entry into the market.

Content Creation & Direction

The pet supply market is kinetic by any standard. From high-end kibble to luxury leashes, there are more players in the sector than ever before. Though we were confident VETRESKA's unique style would help it stand out, we knew that, without a distinct digital voice, there was still a risk of getting swept up in the milieu.

As lead copywriter for the VETRESKA engagement, I developed a verbal identity built around a single goal: to create more joyful moments for pets and pet owners. For me, the VETRESKA narrator is a slightly eccentric but seriously passionate tour guide, escorting users through a colorful, cat-centric universe. It's a little bit Willy Wonka, you could say.

See this voice in action on a product page or a blog post.

Organic Social

Since launching the VETRESKA shop, I've worked closely with design and strategy teams to cultivate a growing Instagram presence. As the lead creative on this effort, I'm responsible for planning, writing, and deploying our organic content, as well as briefing design resources when there is the need for bespoke art assets. Effortlessly cute and constantly toying with the cat's POV, our organic feed is a central and evolving part of the VETRESKA digital brand.


Since launching, VETRESKA has seen consistent sales in the US market, as well as steady organic growth. With an growing following, grand plans for organic, and an expanding product catalog, we expect to build this momentum in the coming months. Stay tuned!