RailWorks Corporation

Award-winning marketing for North America's train gurus.

Project Overview

RailWorks is the leading provider of track and rail services in North America, responsible for many of the critical transit lines that keep the US and Canada running. The corporation has more than a century of experience as an industry authority and limitless combined experience across its ranks.

RailWorks was breaking into digital advertising for the first time, hoping to scope out new and promising talent. The company wanted to launch targeted social and display ads that would reach desirable candidates with the right messaging at the right time.

By deploying creative marketing that spoke to promising talent on the right terms, we helped RailWorks find tomorrow's track MVPs - and took an award home doing it.

Social Media Marketing

I leveraged a series of stakeholder interviews with HR leaders at RailWorks to develop ads that spoke to the things RailWorks candidates prioritized: quality benefits, opportunities for growth, and difference-making work. This was all part of the larger #Worksforyou campaign, which united our efforts and offered a cohesive thread across all creative variations. This campaign was launched on Facebook and LinkedIn, and ran on display across targeted industry publications.

Creative Direction

RailWorks hadn't marketed effectively to talent before, which meant the media team had little to go on in terms of previous successes. So, I took what we knew about the market and worked with our design team to get a series of ads up and running. Check out some of these, below. (Please note that social ads are mockups, but do reflect the finished product nearly exactly.)


With the launch of these campaigns, RailWorks’ marketing significantly outpaced its internal HR efforts to recruit new talent – and at a much lower cost.

For our marketing efforts with RailWorks, our team was awarded a Platinum award at the 2019 Hermes Awards.