Mind Gym

Crafting a video pitch for the experts in workplace psychology.

Project Overview

UK-based Mind Gym provides behavioral psychology services to organizations that want to make the most of their talent, unlock success within their ranks, and build a more positive, productive work environment. They focus on changing behavior to help professionals manage the obstacles they encounter every day, from conflict to criticism.

To drive inquiries into its eWorkouts offering, Mind Gym needed an eye-catching promotional video to show leads and prospects.

Script + Content Direction

Getting across what Mind Gym does isn’t always easy. Many organizations don’t understand how behavioral psychology can change the way they work, and even fewer understand how Mind Gym’s courses can make that change happen. To succeed with this video, we’d have to bring the Mind Gym process down to size without turning this into an explainer.

I scripted a 90-second promotional video that asked an exciting question: What could your team do at its very best?


Mind Gym now uses this video to help nurture leads, on-board skeptics, and power its business forward.