Kurtzman Carson Consultants

Keeping the bankruptcy trustee world on its toes.

Project Overview

Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC) is an acclaimed financial services firm that develops software solutions for a range of legal and financial professionals. They have built a lasting rapport with bankruptcy trustees, a small and relatively niche finance community, thanks to their asset management software.

When KCC engaged my team, the company was poised to reveal an end-to-end software built specifically for Chapter 7 trustees, a group they had not yet served directly. Touting an unprecedented, zero-fee model, this platform was poised to make waves. What's more, there was a moment to seize: The National Association of Bankruptcy Trustee's (NABT) annual conference.

Over a breakneck two weeks, I played an essential role in directing, developing, and deploying conference collateral that would set KCC apart from its peers. With a clear message and a distinct visual language, we caught the attention of trustees all over the world and set a new course for the industry.

Promotional Content Strategy

Trustees have specific pain points, not to mention a finely tuned bullshit-ometer. Meanwhile, the KCC platform promised a range of innovations. We'd need to make our claims carefully and look as good as those promises, too.

Fueled by a series of stakeholder interviews, the team laid out a strategic plan forward. At the core of this strategy was a promise KCC had to stand by: No fees, like, ever. In an industry where administrative fees from vendors like KCC are expected, this was a promise to put money right back in the user's pocket.

Creative Direction

As the sole content resource on this project, I made all the calls when it came to brand voice, tone, and content strategy. To do my job effectively, I worked on a first-name basis with the client as we honed in our strategic approach and came to an agreement on the pieces of collateral they would need to make a splash at the NABT conference.

Content Creation

Over an expedited, two-week cycle, I produced all the copy for KCC’s conference materials and worked in synergy with the design team to realize them as tangible, out-of-home conference collateral. You had all the usual suspects: Tri-fold brochures, floor booths, foam standees, business cards, even a phone charging station.


Thanks to quality content and a consistent design language, our efforts had an industry-wide impact. In the year following, several other competitor firms adopted this very same model. We won't forget who started it.