CDK Global

A new voice for the global leader in dealership technology.

Project Overview

CDK Global develops the brains of car dealerships, called Dealer Management Systems. From Japan to Jacksonville, auto, boat, and recreation dealerships do business every day with the help of CDK products.

With this global reach, however, came significant fragmentation across the CDK brand. To serve its 30+ markets, CDK had launched many standalone websites and micro-sites, each with its own branding. To further complicate matters, product availability varied across regional markets.

My team was asked to consolidate these online properties into a robust, multi-language website. I was brought on to reimagine a catalog of products, services, and programs in a brand-new voice - one that understood dealership pain points and exactly how to solve them.

Verbal Identity

CDK had more than 40 digital properties under its umbrella. Moving to a single website meant that, for the very first time, the company could speak with a unified voice. So, who were we going to be? It was a question we asked stakeholders, customers, and ourselves in the mirror. And we kept coming back to "humbly confident" - the expert that knows the trade top to bottom, but isn't going to fault you for asking questions. More likely, they'll just answer them.

Content Creation

I spearheaded a multi-month content push to put our "humbly confident" voice into action. CDK works across several industries and with a range of clients, from mom and pop to industry icons. Their catalog is similarly varied, with 100+ tools and features to choose from. Creating this content required a deft hand and an understanding of the problem each product was designed to solve.

Content Direction

Content approval was a multistage process with many stakeholders in the kitchen. Working with other members of the creative team, I helped direct and execute our content plan, marking internal milestones and transparently setting goalposts with the client.


CDK approached our team looking to unify a digital presence in pieces. Today, the company thrives online with a single, information-rich website that speaks to auto dealers across the globe.