Business Group on Health

A health policy mainstay speaks with new clarity and confidence.

Project Overview

With members that include many of today’s Fortune 100 companies, Business Group on Health is the leading voice in healthcare and benefits policy advocating for large corporations. The organization is an ally for companies looking to optimize how they approach health-related operations and has, over a long career, proven itself a tenacious and dedicated partner for its members.

Business Group on Health - at the time National Business Group on Health - engaged my team for a holistic overhaul of their digital brand, which occurred in tandem with the redevelopment of their website. I was tapped to help them take this step into the future with a clear, confident, and refreshed voice.

A new (but familiar) name

When an organization wants to rethink its name, it's very exciting for stakeholders and copywriters alike. So, when National Business Group on Health approached the team suggesting a name change, I was ready to do a lot more than just drop a word.

However, as strategic talks continued, we heard a lot from the client: They wanted to become a new, global entity, but one that loyal members still recognized. Sometimes, the right change is also the simplest. So, we dropped a word, and Business Group on Health (BGH) was born.

Verbal Identity

In refreshing the BGH brand, we would need to create new verbal and visual guidelines. Put simply, we couldn't expect anyone to actually follow this new direction if we didn't take the time to explain how it would look and sound in action.

Building out these guidelines was a lesson in collaborative thinking. BGH stakeholders were a wellspring of information, and a cache of brand resources provided plenty of content to learn from. As I built out the new person BGH would be, key changes were compiled in a workplace-ready brand book. This deliverable is now in the hands of every BGH brand stakeholder and currently guides branded communications for the entire organization.


Today, Business Group on Health continues to fulfill its role as an essential ally for organizations all over the world. With a new image online and a brand that fits comfortably into the modern marketplace, the organization is more primed than ever for long-lasting success.